About us

Teamsters Local 395 has proudly represented working women and men in Saskatchewan for over 82 years! We administer approximately 35 collective agreements for workers in various different industries. We are Pipeline Workers, Truck Drivers, Couriers, Dairy Workers, Airport Service Workers, Pre-Board Screeners, Armored Car Drivers, Bus Drivers, Rail Crew Transport Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Ready-Mix Drivers, Animal Humane Workers, Clerical Workers, Warehouse Workers, Production Operators and more!


Teamsters Local 395 was originally chartered on July 21st, 1938 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan as a small dairy local. For many years Local 395 represented members in the dairy and trucking industries. Over time as dairy facilities began to evolve and amalgamate in the province as well as changes in the trucking industry, Local 395 found it imperative to organize new members in various different industries. Behind strong local leadership and help of Teamsters Canada we were able to strengthen our membership by organizing UPS and Purolator into National agreements. Today our Head Office resides in the City of Regina, with a Sub Office in the City of Saskatoon that helps to better represent our membership across the entire Province of Saskatchewan. As our membership continues to grow, Local 395 has become very diverse, while still maintaining our current membership with strong collective agreements and first-class representation.


Every worker is entitled to dignity and respect in the workplace. This means good pay, fair working conditions, safe working environments, security both now and in retirement and a right to speak up in their workplace without fear of retaliation.

Positive Dialogue and Negotiation
We take a great deal of pride in delivering positive news and outcomes for our members. Our doors are open and phones are on to hear your concerns when your employer isn’t listening. We are on the side of working-class people!

When workers are happy, businesses have a better opportunity for success and we seek that from the employers where our members work. When an employer is successful, it turns a profit and we believe it is only fair to share some of that profit with the workers responsible for the success.

Strength in Numbers
We are continually looking to strengthen our current membership by expanding and organizing new members. By organizing new members, we strengthen our resources which allow us to enhance our ability to protect and negotiate strong agreements for our members.