Head Office Regina:

Randy Powers – Secretary-Treasurer (Principal Officer)
Richard Rose – Business Agent
Moneca Wollis – Titan Operator/Office Administrator

Sub Office Saskatoon:

Dave Phipps – President/Business Agent
Joshua Cenaiko – Business Agent/Organizer

Executive Board

Randy Powers

Secretary-Treasurer (Principal Officer)

Brother Powers has served on the Local Union Executive Board since his appointment as Vice President in 1994 and served in that capacity until 2003 when he was appointed as President. He served as President until 2012 when he was appointed as Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer. Randy was subsequently elected to the position later that year and re-elected by acclamation in 2017.

Randy had been working at Purolator in Regina since 1989 and was elected as shop steward in 1993 before he began his career working for the Local Union in February of 1999 when he was hired to be an Organizer. Later that year he was appointed as Business Agent.

Since being appointed as business agent Randy is proud to have been able to contribute towards the improvement of the livelihood of the Local Union members and their families by successfully negotiating first collective agreements and renewal agreements for each of the Local Union's thirty plus Bargaining Units.

In 2003 Randy was appointed as Secretary-Treasurer of Joint Council No. 90 a position he held until his appointment to President in May of 2019 and subsequently elected to later that year. Randy also holds the positions of Secretary-Treasurer of the Western Canada Council of Teamsters, Teamsters Canada Assistant Political Action Coordinator for the Prairies and has been a Trustee on the Prairie Teamsters Health and Welfare & Pension Plan and the Teamsters/ RWDSU Pension Plan since 2003.

Randy is most proud of the humbling experience at the Teamsters Canada Convention in 2017 when he was elected as a Trustee on the Teamsters Canada Executive Board by his peers across Canada. Since that time and as a result of his Joint Council Presidency he was moved from the Trustees position and installed as the Prairie Representative on the Teamsters Canada Executive Board.

Dave Phipps

President (Business Agent)

Brother Phipps became a Teamster member on June 28, 1993 when he began working for Canadian Freightways in Regina. Dave became Shop Steward in 1997 and continued in that role until December of 2008.

Dave was appointed to the position of Trustee on Local Union Executive Board in 2004 and remained in that position until he was appointed to the position of President in 2011. Dave currently remains in the position of President being elected in 2012 and again elected by acclamation in 2017.

Dave was hired on with the local as an Organizer/Business Agent in January of 2009 in Regina and continues his role as a Business Agent in Saskatoon to this day.

Dave was appointed as Trustee in 2011 to the Prairie Teamsters Health and Welfare and Pension Plans and remains in those positions today. In 2020, Dave’s experience allowed for the appointment to the position of Secretary-Treasurer for Joint Council No. 90.

Dave has successfully served in many different roles within Local 395, where his presence and leadership is greatly appreciated by the membership.

Joshua Cenaiko

Vice-President (Business Agent/Organizer)

Brother Cenaiko became a Teamster member in August of 2001 when he was hired on at the Saputo Dairy (Saskatoon). Joshua served as an elected Shop Steward from 2011 to 2013, was also elected to the position of Chief Shop Steward in 2013 and served in that role until 2016.

Joshua was a Joint Council 90 appointment to the Teamsters Canada Youth Committee in 2011 and served on that committee until 2019. He was also an elected President for this National Youth Committee for the term of 2017-2018.

Joshua was appointed to the position of Vice-President of the Local Union’s Executive Board in 2015 and was re-elected by acclamation in 2017. Joshua continues to serve as the Local’s Vice-President.

Joshua was hired by the Local Union as a temporary organizer in May of 2015 and was subsequently hired full time into that position in April of 2017. In January of 2019 he was tasked with Business Agent duties at the Saskatoon Airport looking after 3 of our newest groups of members. Joshua’s current role is Business Agent and Organizer.

Since becoming more involved with the local union Joshua has had the privilege to be appointed and serve as a Trustee on the Teamsters/RWDSU pension plan since 2014. He has also been honored with the experience of attending National Conventions in 2012 and 2017, being appointed Sargeant of Arms for both and tasked with the honor of swearing in the National Executive Board in 2012. Joshua also took a train the trainer course in 2016 and is now a co-facilitator for all Shop Steward Training in Saskatchewan.

Joshua is advocate for a younger generation of workers and is proud of all of his involvements with Local 395. He thoroughly enjoys all of his roles and looks forward to continue helping local 395 and its members in the future.

Shannon Gray

Recording Secretary (UPS Member)

Brother Gray became a member in August of 2001 when he was hired on with UPS in Regina. Shannon became the Lead Shop Steward in 2012, a position he still holds today.

Shannon was appointed to the position of Trustee on the Local 395 Executive Board in 2016 and was elected by acclamation to the same position in 2017. In 2021, Shannon was appointed to the position of Recording-Secretary due to the retirement of long-standing board member Brian Woolsey.

Shannon is a leader in his workplace and relishes the opportunity to help represent his fellow co-workers. Shannon is one of our most experienced stewards and has actively participated in UPS National Bargaining in 2015 and 2020.

Richard Rose

Trustee (Business Agent)

Brother Rose became a Teamster at Local 362 in 1999 after being hired on a Loomis Armored Car. In 2002 Richard became a local 395 member after transferring to Regina and working for Securicor. Brother Rose was appointed to the position of Shop Steward in 2009 until 2011.

Brother Rose has been elected to the position of Trustee in 2012 and again by acclamation in 2017.

Richard was hired as a Business Agent for our Regina office in 2011 and remains in that role today. He has developed a wide variety of skills that he uses on a daily basis representing the membership and is extremely passionate in fighting for members rights through grievances and collective bargaining.

Warren Lang

Trustee (Purolator Member)

Brother Lang is our most experienced and longest standing Trustee. He was hired on with Purolator Saskatoon in 1996 and has been a Local 395 member ever since. Warren became a Shop Steward in 2000 and has been successful in that role ever since.

Warren was appointed as a Trustee of the Local Union in 2008 and elected back into the position in 2012 and again by acclamation in 2017. Warren is also a fully trained co-facilitator and active trainer of our Shop Stewards across Saskatchewan.

Brother Lang passionately helps lead the Purolator group in Saskatoon and has actively participated in Purolator National Bargaining in 2011 and 2016.